Polly the collie had puppies!

Autumn on the farm is always a chaotic time with seasonal breeding sheep sales across the North West taking precedent most weekdays and weekends.

BUT the arrival of our first ever litter of border collie puppies ensured it was going to be much more hectic than normal!

As a child, I yearned for puppies, but no tiny wagging tails materialised.

So, my excitement was uncontainable when I received a text from Dad in the middle of May hinting that Polly, our hard-working border collie, could be expecting.

Polly looking pleased as punch with her little family

After nine long weeks of playing the guessing game and waiting patiently(!), Polly finally gave birth to three dogs and three bitches in the middle of a cold, wet, windy night.

Life on the farm has simply not been the same since the little time wasters have taken over…

I hope you enjoy the below photographs/videos documenting their adventures so far as much as I have done capturing them!

Did someone say tea’s ready?

Polly’s Bar: On tap milk available 24/7 hours a day
Solids twice daily
Look, no feet!

Little time wasters

I’m king of the castle… and your a dirty rascal!
Double trouble duo
Who needs a wobble board when you have an old dustbin!?
How many puppies can fit in a bucket?
Sharing’s caring…
That’s mine, give it here!

The great outdoors

Who let the dogs out?
Tag, you’re it!

Introducing Moss

I still have no idea how I managed to convince the folks to let me choose a puppy from the litter to keep as my own working dog… everyone meet Moss!

Those ears
Soggy puppy cuddles from Moss
If I hide under the defender maybe she won’t see me….
Moss is not playing ball …
Seems we both like a slice of Battenberg

The start of new chapter ‘Hannah and Moss’ and I cannot wait to document our future adventures today out and about on farm… Bring em’ on! 🍃😇🤘🏼

New homes, new adventures

After 2 months of chaos, cuddles and chuckles, it’s adventure time for the boys and girls off to new homes.

Luckily they are all staying fairly local, with three staying put on the farm and two off to live with our farm workers Robert and Kirk.

So for now, the last group photograph of Collie Class 2019!

From left to right: Bess, Bob, Moss, Pip, Ben and Tweed.

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of photographs and videos documenting the past couple of months of puppy mayhem on the farm.

Have you had any litters of puppies on your farm? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below – I would love to hear all about them!

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