Stress and My Countryside Remedy

It’s exam season and like most students up and down the country I am STRESSED, especially since they are my final ever exams (well – unless I fail and need to resit!).

It’s exam season and like most students up and down the country I am STRESSED, especially since they are my final ever exams (well – unless I fail and need to resit!).

It’s also Mental Health Month and given that the focus of the campaign this year is stress,  I thought I’d blog about my ‘countryside remedy’ that has kept me sane during this intense revision period.

After all, it is good to remember that exams aren’t the end of the world (even though they may feel like it) and giving your brain muscle a short rest whilst you explore the  beautiful English countryside will be beneficial in the long run, or so they say.

So here is what I’ve been getting up to instead of revising, ops!

Walking through Bluebell Woods.

Sometimes you just need to go outside and soak up the fresh air and that’s exactly what I did on my trip to the aptly nicknamed Bluebell Woods. Some of the best views on the farm aren’t on the public footpath and this is certainly one secret delight.


Not only was the pungent smell of this endangered wild flower both overpowering and invigorating but as the sun crept through in-between the trees, I was amazed by the sea of purple petals as far as the eye could see.


I only wish my phone camera captured it better!

Videoing some Pet Lambs playing 

Lambing time may be over but the work simply isn’t – it seems as the day gets longer, the list of jobs does too!

So I took advantage of our evening trip to the farm to video one pen of pet lambs playing. Don’t they look so content?!

Reading under a tree and watching the world pass by/ and walkers! 

Pretty self-explanatory as I took an old jacket and stationed myself under my favourite tree for a couple of hours.

But I didn’t get much reading done as I was too busy watching the world go by: from laughing at the youthful swale lambs as they ran and jumped down the bankings to talking to walkers passing by.


Taking the dogs for numerous walks

Back in Easter we acquired another sheepdog called Jade and I decided to take all three out for a run around the yard…

I have never met a more energetic playful collie, and trying to get her to sit still for a photograph always ends up in me getting knocked over and licked, as the photo below demonstrates!

“Instagram Worthy”

“The Reality”

Turning sheep back to fell 

And off they go, back to the fell until clipping time! It always amazes me how hardy swaledales are, especially the lambs at such a young age.

I pulled the short straw as dad drove up Pendle on the quad, leaving me and Jade to make our way up, shooing the sheep and lambs uphill as we went. Boy was it cold and windy, despite the sunshine.


Lucky I didn’t leave any behind and managed to jump onto the bike for a ride down, even if it was struggle for space with the two dogs!

Photographing the various sunsets 

Living in a place with little light pollution means I get to witness some fantastic sunsets. Here are some of my favourites for you to enjoy.

So that’s what I have been getting up to the past couple of weeks.

Since I haven’t discussed anything particularly interesting, you may be sat there wondering what is the point of this post?

It’s simply to demonstrate that these everyday ordinary countryside distractions have helped reduce my stress and negative feelings towards my final exams: it’s my ‘countryside remedy’ to stress!

Therefore my advice for anyone struggling with exams or stress in general is just take some time out for yourself to do something you enjoy and don’t feel guilty about it. It doesn’t have to be exploring the great outdoors, it could be having a nice bubblebath or that long awaited catchup with a best friend.

After all it’s vital you MIND YOUR HEAD!

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