Love British Food Fortnight

So it’s Love British Food fortnight, a campaign which promotes #britishfoodisgreat and our fantastic agricultural industry!

So it’s Love British Food fortnight, a campaign which promotes #britishfoodisgreat and our fantastic agricultural industry!

I was delighted to be selected as a 2018 Youth Ambassador along with 13 other inspirational young farmers: Richard Bower, Milly Fyfe, Ed Ford, Georgie Gater-Moore, Luke Winton, Ethan Kinney, Katie Smith, Chris Manley, Linsey Martin, Mary Ankers, Jack Hodgeson, Josh Dowbiggin and Harriet Wilson. CO-OP Farming Pioneers are also taking part and NFYFC is supporting.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the launch at Elystan Street, London – a Michelin star restaurant run by Phil Howard.


Raymond Blanc, Liz Earle and Candice Brown, ambassadors of the campaign, also attended as well as DEFRA’s Secretary of State Michael Gove.

It was great to hear speeches from all ambassadors about the importance of seasonality and their desires to promote British food and farming. It made me feel proud to be a part of a dynamic industry that’s being recognised for its high animal welfare and environmental standards.

Following this, the chef produced a 3 delicious BRITISH courses using the NHS hospital budget of £4.05 per patient.

It was fantastic to see what could be produced from such a small budget and demonstrates that there is no reason, especially in terms of expenses, why the public sector cannot champion British farming in their institutes!

The event lasted for 2 hours and I loved chatting to both the bake off winner and the maker of the best moisturiser about the importance of connecting consumers with the provenance of their food and their future involvement with the campaign.


We also got a goodie bag full of scrumptious British produce!


Get Involved  

Over the past week I have been driving my family mad by stopping every few seconds to take some photographs of farm life, filming videos in pens of pet lambs to using fodder beet as a sign prop for photographs.

But anyone can get involved with the Love British Food campaign, from farmers to consumers!

Simply film  yourself saying ‘British Food is Great’ and post the film on Twitter with #BritishFoodisGreat and tag in @LoveBritishFood.

Not only will you be helping promote this important campaign but you could win a gourmet holiday in a boutique hotel on the south coast, including a meal for 2 at Michelin-starred restaurant The Elephant courtesy of Simon Hulstone.

So why not get involved in sharing the #britishfoodisgreat message and championing our hardworking British farmers!

Check out their website for more information about the campaign and how you can get involved

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