Farming Mothers

Since it is Mother’s Day this Sunday, I thought I would blog about why our farming mothers are the show winning breed!

Since it is Mother’s Day this Sunday, I thought I would blog about why our farming mothers are the show winning breed!

Being a farm mum is by no means an glamorous job and these women are the unsung heroes in our lives as they juggle chaotic work schedules with daily domestic chores.

Here are five reasons why having a farmer for a mum is the best thing ever and why I am incredibly proud of mine!

Giving 110% 

If you look up the definition of ‘hard work’ in the dictionary, you’ll find the words ‘farm mum!’.

Joking aside, ever since I can remember, my farming mum has played a integral role on the farm, from holding the fort and calving cows by herself with two young children in tow, to working 24/7 during lambing months without a single day off.

Yet her working day doesn’t end when she removes her wellies since there is dinner to prepare, washing to sort and overalls to shorten.

She’s the unofficial ‘farm manager’ giving 110% to everything she turns her hand to and selflessly puts her own needs last for both the good of the farm and family.

If anyone deserves a spa break, she does!

Documenting a rare ‘day off’ with a selfie!


Another perk of having a farmer for a mum is her ‘Do-It-Yourself’ mentality.

Easter Bonnet Making Pro!

From making a variety of costumes for World Book Day to decorating a spare Animec box to store my 21st birthday cards, she is an incredibly resourceful woman and knows how to utilise available materials.

But beware, once she has got an idea in her head, there is no stopping her!

Who said girls can’t drive? 

Farming mums smash gender stereotypes on a daily basis – after all there is no such thing as girl jobs and boy jobs on the farm.

Mum’s driving skills could rival any male as she tackles winter snow and ice without a flinch, carts numerous bales around on the tractor during haytime and reverses a trailer into the auction loading bay in ONE GO so many times that I’ve simply lost count!

She has demonstrated that you shouldn’t let your gender define you, especially in the farmyard – rather you should just work hard and give everything your best shot.

Chef Sheila 

Farming mums are renown for cooking up a feast and my mum is no exception!

With cooking secrets and techniques passed down farming mother to daughter for countless generations, she has mastered the culinary art and produces mouthwatering mains and delicious desserts on a regular basis.

Ready, Steady, BAKE

It is no wonder that friends always ask if they can stay for tea!

And don’t get me started on her roast dinner…. MMM.

Unfortunately I don’t seem to have inherited her cooking gene, despite all the cooking lessons growing up, as I burn toast and can just about fry an egg – but I can bake luckily!

Mum’s Christmas Dinner!

Always There 

No matter how stressed or busy they are,  farming mums are always there should you need advice, a giggle, a cuppa tea or a lift back from town at 2:30AM….

We don’t deserve them really!

No such thing as a babysitter!

Here’s to all the farming mums out there – you are doing a fantastic job and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

And finally, Happy Mothers Day MUM!

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